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What's the value of TV ads in a digital age?
But we're all digital marketers now, right? No matter how much people like a piece of content, I can't justify investing marketing dollars without knowing pretty quickly what I'm getting in return. So why in the world is it taking us so long to put …

Your brand might have marketing to millennials down, but what about the
According to the statistics, younger consumers use their smart phone for well over 3 hours a day, and close to 84% of 16-24 year olds are using their smartphone to access the internet. For the brands that aren't targeting young consumers with their web …
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Marketing in the Digital Economy: It's All About Relationships
… the importance of those results is hugely exaggerated. The fact is, we can get much richer answers now by looking at social media, search engine behavior and internet usage: the data that people generate as they move across the web or use their phones.
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Is Guest Blogging Still A Powerful SEO Strategy?
When Google penalized the in march 2014, many SEO's felt that using Guest posting for SEO was dead. Sites linked to and from MyBlogGuest also received a manual action penalty. Matt Cutts the head of Googles spam team tweeted.
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Intuit is selling Demandforce to Internet Brands
Financial software company Intuit is selling Demandforce, an online marketing and communication software firm for small businesses, to Internet Brands, an online media and software services company for an undisclosed amount, according to Venture Beat.
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North Texas Company Offers Nationwide Business Opportunity in the Internet
GetMePlacement teaches their affiliates all aspects of the Internet Marketing business including Google Adwords, which is a $ 42 billion dollar per year industry. GMP specializes in Search Engine Optimization and that is where the true value is for …
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Executive Changes At Propel Marketing, Convirza And EBay
Russell Schleiden just made the move to KT Tape as chief marketing officer, where he will lead brand building efforts including marketing, PR, product, media and advertising, sponsorships and professional athlete influencers. He has run brand …

Iterable Raises M to Accelerate Growth Marketing and User Engagement Momentum
Iterable, the growth marketing and user engagement platform, today announced it has closed a Series A round of funding led by CRV(Charles River Ventures) with participation from past investors. With this investment Iterable will further accelerate the …
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Underage youth widely exposed to online alcohol marketing
“One of the fundamental concepts of interactive online marketing is engagement, where the goal is not simply to expose consumers to a particular product, but to create an environment in which they are actually interacting with the brand, 'befriending …
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Is Twitter Really Winning The 'Troll Wars'?
The Safer Internet Center is closely linked to Twitter and they have said that there have been tremendous improvements in the overall safety of Twitter. This was … Signup now and receive an email once we publish new content & some free marketing tools.
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What Does 'Marketing' Mean? Internet Marketing Services Melbourne Company
Understanding the similarities and differences that both marketing and advertising can bring to a business's growth can help create more sales and increased long-term success. While advertising has been the most popular method for business growth for …
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3 Key Reasons Why Video Marketers Should Pay Attention to CES 2016
There are three key reasons why video marketers should make some time to “keep an eye” on CES 2016, which starts on Wednesday, Jan. 6, and runs through Saturday, Jan. 9. They are: (1) to keep up-to-date with industry trends, (2) to see new products and …
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CES 2016: Double down on data-driven marketing
At CES 2016 in Las Vegas this week, the buzzword to watch will be "data-driven marketing" — but unlike the novelty denoted by some predecessors, this phrase describes a roadmap for how successful companies actually run their businesses. Data-driven …
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Marketing Tech Evolves Beyond Automation — And Toward Intuition
Marketing technology these days is increasingly focused on the future, as marketing moves away from its traditional role of generating demand and more toward a new role of anticipating demand. Instead of a focus on the “mechanization” of common …
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Surprise! There's More To The Future Of Marketing Than Just Big Data
Big data has come to advertising. Marketers use computers and algorithms to collect and analyze reams of data on customer behavior. That information is funneled into sophisticated software that can, in real time, adjust online ad design to the …
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'Cultural marketing day' proposed
Dr Khalid bin Mubarak Al-Shafi, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, Qatar University, and Editor-in-Chief, The Peninsula, addressing a seminar on cultural marketing at QU. Right: Salah Ghareeb, representative of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and …
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Virtual reality has become a marketing tool in the travel business
Anan Bishara, left, and Denise Burrell, both of New York, check out a virtual reality display that lets visitors explore the Pike Place Market and other attractions from atop the Space Needle in Seattle.TED S. WARREN, AP FILE PHOTO. By BETH J. HARPAZ …
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Top 7 marketing trends for 2016 – and 10 success tips, from bestselling author
In the second part of the interview, he shares with us his views on the Top Trends in marketing and innovation for 2016, as well as ten success tips for innovators and entrepreneurs to ride these trends. YS: What do you see as the big marketing and …

3 Tips to Improve Marketing ROI Through Efficient Analytics
However, marketers may be overwhelmed with the variety and amount of data at their disposal. While some may consider prioritizing SEO across channels as key, others may focus on optimizing native search as the preferred solution. The debate also …
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6 content marketing trends to watch in 2016
It's that time of year again. Columnists, bloggers, prognosticators all publish their digital marketing "predictions" for the New Year. Personally, no can do. I'm an analyst, not a clairvoyant. And I don't possess a crystal ball. But as someone who …
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Target Vet May Face Resistance In Overhauling Walmart's Marketing
He has been hired as a consultant to overhaul the retailer's marketing, with CMO Stephen Quinn retiring after nine years on the job. Francis will challenge the Walmart bureaucracy to add more lifestyle awareness to its merchandising. It will not be easy.
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How to Get your Sales Team On Board with Marketing Software
To help your sales team get buy-in, here's a stat worth mentioning: Inbound marketing generates 54 percent more leads than the traditional outbound methods used in the past (paid advertising in pubs, trade shows, cold calls, etc.). Buyers are going …
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Is Print a Good Option for Your Content Marketing Strategy?
Content marketing has taken off the last few years because of the market conditions around content creation and distribution. In other words, the rise of the Internet and the fall of mass media have made it easy and inexpensive to produce content and …
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Best Marketing/Packaging Ploy?
while they did do a great job of making it look legit, it's a gimmick, and Goose Island and their parent company are charging double of what they charged last year for the same volume of product because some suits at corporate hired a clever marketing …

Velocify Hires SaaS Veteran and Former Citrix Leader as VP of Marketing to
Reid will direct overall corporate and product marketing strategy and execution, and oversee demand generation and sales development functions worldwide. He will be instrumental in continuing the trajectory of wider adoption of Velocify's market …
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