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Coca-Cola North America Marketing Chief to Leave
He also credited her for helping with the global rollout of the popular “Share a Coke” marketing campaign in recent years and World Cup soccer advertising efforts last year. Mr. Douglas added that Ms. Clark had built a “talented team and a deep bench …
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What is Agile Marketing and Why is it Important?
You may use the terms mobile, agile and hostile to describe your favorite football team, but it should be used to describe your marketing. Particularly the agile part. Here's why agile marketing, the ability to market at scale and on the fly, is …
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Creative Low-Cost Marketing Techniques for Advisors
Likewise, Brad Johnson, vice president of marketing at Advisor Excel, an insurance marketing firm in Topeka, Kan., holds client anniversary and retirement parties at local businesses, restaurants and in his own home. Bruce W. Fraser, a New York …
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Best Practices for CRM Marketing Integration
If your business is considering investing in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to create synergy between your sales and marketing teams, the way you implement it into the workflow matters. Using these best practices, your business can …
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Latest Marketing News

15 Marketing Predictions For 2016 From The C-Suite
What are the top predictions for marketers related heading into 2016? To find out, I turned to some of the leading experts, including CEOs, Presidents/GMs, CMOs, authors and executive recruiters. Prediction #1: The Era of Cognitive Commerce has Begun.
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Direct Marketing: Perhaps the Most Effective Way to Do Marketing on a Budget
Ever since the World Wide Web began to be commercialized in 1995, the center of gravity in the marketing universe seems to have shifted toward the Internet and, more recently, social media and mobile devices. The problem for marketers is how to …
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What Marketing Trends Say About Bernie Sanders's Success
“Straight line” predictions abound in politics just as they do in marketing. Once a trend is established, people make predictions using the existing rate of change and rarely does anyone anticipate a dramatic change. Yet exponential trends are …
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