Influencer Marketing May Be the Antidote to Ad Blocking

Influencer Marketing May Be the Antidote to Ad Blocking
As marketers sink more of their budgets into online advertising, consumers grow increasingly frustrated with it. Ad-heavy pages cause slow load times and, in some cases, make getting to the content difficult for readers and social media users. Who …
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Pluto aims to bring TV to the Internet
Parks acknowledges it's a crowded market. "Everybody is trying to figure out what's happening, right," he says, "but one thing's for sure — viewers are no longer consuming this content in the way they used to. And the landscape 5 to 10 years from now …
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Everything You Need to Know About How Content Marketing Is Changing
Whether you're pushing out content daily or just a few times a month, superior quality and actionable takeaways need to be present. Without substantial value, you're just wasting time. Video continues to gain steam. Better internet connections (higher …
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How to Start a Carwash: Five digital marketing tips for 2016
All of the factors discusses thus far should be critical to a business' mobile strategy; in fact, the article explains how there is “no future of marketing without a laser-like mobile focus.” Smart Insights reports, at minimum, 80 percent of Internet …
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Issa Asad Books Now Available at No Cost on his Blog to Teach Internet

Issa Asad Books Now Available at No Cost on his Blog to Teach Internet
South Florida's Issa Asad is an experienced marketer, communicator and social media strategist whose goal is to help businesses succeed using the social media tools available today such as websites, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine.
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5 care when doing online marketing
The increased use of devices to access the internet makes companies and professionals in the digital industry seek to reach a larger number of customers. However amount of clicks / access does not always mean conversion / sale. One of the main …
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What's the value of TV ads in a digital age?
But we're all digital marketers now, right? No matter how much people like a piece of content, I can't justify investing marketing dollars without knowing pretty quickly what I'm getting in return. So why in the world is it taking us so long to put …

Your brand might have marketing to millennials down, but what about the
According to the statistics, younger consumers use their smart phone for well over 3 hours a day, and close to 84% of 16-24 year olds are using their smartphone to access the internet. For the brands that aren't targeting young consumers with their web …
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Marketing in the Digital Economy: It's All About Relationships
… the importance of those results is hugely exaggerated. The fact is, we can get much richer answers now by looking at social media, search engine behavior and internet usage: the data that people generate as they move across the web or use their phones.
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Fat Joe Shoots Down Market America Misconceptions

Fat Joe Shoots Down Market America Misconceptions
Over the last couple years, Fat Joe has been heavily involved with Market America, the "the product brokerage and Internet marketing company" started by J.R. Ridinger that has found its way into several notable lists within the stock realm. Joe serves …
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Twitter Blocks 125000 accounts in 'terrorist content' crackdown
The decision to remove terrorists' postings by Twitter will help degrade the incredibly successful international online marketing campaigns by ISIS, al Qaeda, Al Shabab and their ilk.” Last March, Facebook updated its “community standards,” saying this …
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